Group of runners getting ready to run a virtual race in the US

Virtual running is making a splash in the race scene, and it’s not hard to see why! Virtual run events offer flexibility and comfort not typically found in traditional races. However, if you want your virtual race to go off without a hitch, there’s still prep work that needs to be done. And in some cases, your preparations will be the same as if you were running a traditional race! With some guidance from Virtual Run US, you and your friends will be ready for your race day in no time!

Set Goals for Yourself

Racing is all about feeling good and setting goals. Before you begin training, you should have in mind what sort of progress you wish to make. Even as simple a goal as finishing a race is an excellent achievement to shoot for. Some racers look to improve on previous race times while others just want to have fun! And while you always want to push improvement, don’t set unrealistic goals based on your current fitness. Do what’s best for you, and just roll with it!

Find Some Friends

This is your race, so you should enjoy it in the best way you see fit. And that enjoyment can come from the family and friends you run alongside. While not every racer needs a “running buddy,” you might find more support and encouragement by racing with people you like. And if you’re all working towards the same or similar goals, you all would do well to pump up and motivate each other.

Choose Your Race

Virtual Run US has dozens of unique races to choose from, and they’re available all year long. Perhaps you want to put the work into a half-marathon? Or maybe you’d prefer a fun run for charity. With virtual races, you can find precisely what you’re looking for. And if there’s a particular race with some especially appealing swag, you can choose that too! The options are endless for you and your friends.

Plan Your Track

Just because a set course doesn’t restrict you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do some route planning. And now’s the time to go as crazy or as conservative as you’d like. While some will opt to run their race on a track or treadmill, you can also plan a route through your favorite park, nature trail, or at the heart of the city. And by having a course set ahead of time, you know what to expect when the race day finally comes. Speaking of race day…

Set a Time

The usual virtual run has you planning and running your race over a month. However, it’s more beneficial to you and your group to set a day, weekend or week aside to run your event. Virtual races allow you to be flexible, so if you need to change days due to time or weather, you can. However, having a set time and date in mind ensures you get in plenty of race practice ahead of time. This also brings us to our next tip…

A runner on a track getting ready to start a virtual race in the US

Train and Exercise

It’s no different from running a traditional race; be sure to train before the big day. Especially if you’re new to racing, you’ll want to give your body time to adjust a consistent pace and distance. The mistake many new runners make is not putting enough work into exercise and practice before a race. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself quickly exhausted and burnt out on the day of. Of course, there are plenty of specific routines and exercises you can do to work towards a successful race day, which is something Virtual Run US would be glad to assist you in discovering.

Set Aside Your Race Gear

As your race day approaches, be sure you have all the right gear and equipment. Find yourself a pair of comfortable running shoes and clothes that are easy to move around in. Now’s the time to show off your race shirts and medals you can get for signing up for the event. And most importantly, be sure you have your phone, a Fitbit, smartwatch or another way to track your time and mileage. After your race is through, you can submit your times to Sportstats, our online race tracking program. Compete with your friends and racers across the country!

Now You’re Ready

Doing the initial prep work for your virtual race event will ensure a fun, exciting and successful day of racing yourself or with your friends. And when looking for the best virtual races to participate in, you can count on Virtual Run US and our incredible selection of fun runs, charity races, 5Ks and more. Visit our site today to see what’s available. And for questions about any of our race events, fill out our online form or email us directly at