The Great Lakes Challenge: Lake Michigan Entry + Medal

The Great Lakes Challenge: Lake Michigan Entry + Medal


What is referred to as the Third Coast of the United States, Lake Michigan holds a special place in our hearts. We've all vacationed there, frozen our butts off swimming in August, watched incredible sunsets and searched for Petoskey stones.

While we might not be able to visit all the Great Lakes this summer, we wanted to create a challenge that keeps you connected to the 'Best Kept Secret' of the Midwest.

The first of the Series highlights the most popular lake; Lake Michigan. At 307 miles long, we think this is the best first challenge to tackle. Run, walk, wheel or swim 307 miles (and log it!) to start your journey across the five HOMES (Lake Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior).


  • What do I get with my order? This package includes a Lake Michigan Challenge entry, high-quality medal, and downloadable digital bib.

  • How does the challenge work? To complete this challenge, you will record 307 miles of activity. Our results platform will keep track of your total mileage from the activities you submit until you reach the finish line!

  • When can I submit results? There is no time limit for this challenge. We have broken the challenge up into waves. If you have not completed the challenge by the end of your wave, you can move to the next wave. Purchases made on or before August 31 are part of Wave 1. Purchases made on or after September 1 are part of Wave 2.
    Wave 1: June 15 – December 31, 2020
    Wave 2: September 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021

  • How do I submit results? After you register, you will receive an activation email. Think of this as your check-in at the Registration Tent before you head to the Start Line. You can use any app or device to track your run. You can submit results by connecting directly to your Strava, or manually entering your activities! 

  • Do I have to run? Absolutely not! You can use any combination of activities to conquer this distance. Running, walking, cycling, swimming, kayaking…as long as you’re being active, it counts!

  • When will my order ship? This package is in stock and now shipping! You will receive an email confirmation when your order has shipped so that you know to keep your eyes peeled.

  • Is there a Great Lakes Challenge t-shirt? Yes! You can add the Great Lakes Challenge T-Shirt to your order here.

  • Is there a charity component? Yes! We believe in the importance of giving back. A portion of every Great Lakes Challenge entry is donated to Swim Drink Fish, as they work to connect everyone with swimmable, drinkable, and fishable water.

2020 Live Results (you must have a Challenge Hound account to view results): 

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Please note that, while children under the age of 13 are welcome to participate, they will not be able to submit results online in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.