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Participate in the Best Virtual Races in the US!

Runners, it's time to lace up your race shoes! There are 5Ks, triathlons and marathons happening in your area. However, we're not talking about your traditional, crowded race. We're talking about the best virtual races in the US! During this time where gathering publicly is riskier for our health, Virtual Run US offers a wide variety of virtual race events across the country. And the best part is, it's never been easier to sign up and participate!

Virtual Races?

You don't have to be a tech wizard to get involved in a virtual race. In fact, a virtual run can test the skill and endurance of some of the most seasoned runners and athletes. You choose the race you want to participate in, find a time and place that's right for you, and record your best running time! Then, you post your times online to compete with other runners across the nation and enjoy the fantastic race swag and medals you get for being a part of the event.

Why Virtual Races Are Here to Stay

Sure, virtual races have gained more attention in the past year or so, but they aren't entirely new. And with more and more folks discovering the incredible advantages of a virtual run, these unique athletic events are here to stay.
  • Incredible Convenience : Not everyone has the time to put into an all-day event. And if you've been to a traditional race, you understand how long these can go for. However, with a virtual run, you choose a time that works best for you. As long as you record your run time before the end of an event's span, you can practice and race in your off time. Talk about convenience!
  • Perfect Your Time : Do you have a favorite spot where you like to run? Does racing on the local track always ensure you get your best times? Feel free to race where you'd like! A virtual race doesn't hold you to a specific route. Instead, you can set your own pace on your own course. Enjoy your run on a nature trail or achieve your best time on a treadmill; the choice is yours.
  • Swag for a Cause : When selecting the best virtual races to participate in, the sky's the limit. Virtual Run US offers hundreds of virtual run events throughout the year, each with a unique theme, incredible swag, and for a cause you care about. And if your first choice of race isn't to your liking, that's not a problem. We are continually hosting new and exciting races, where you're sure to find one to fit your preferences.
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Allow Virtual Run US to Help

For the best selection of virtual races, you can count on Virtual Run US. We are the premier virtual athletic world where runners, bikers and walkers compete or participate in virtual races. Hone your running skill or sign-up and race with a buddy. Our virtual run events give you the same excitement and satisfaction of a traditional race but less physical contact. And when you're done with your race, you and your friends can track your times, compete with yourselves or compare times with racers throughout the country through Sportstats, our incredible stats tracking program.

Ready, Set, Go!

Find only the best virtual races to participate in when you search for events through Virtual Run US. See what's currently available on our website. Or, for questions about our company or a specific event, email us today at