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Find a 5K and Run Virtual!

There are dozens of race types available for the casual runner or serious racer alike. However, 5Ks have become a more popular option for those looking for races to participate in. And if looking to find a 5K yourself, why not consider taking the approach of a virtual run? With some help from Virtual Run US, you'll find the best 5K available in no time.

Why You'll Love a 5K

Even if you aren't the most active of runners, a 5K is a race you can participate in any way you prefer. Furthermore, 5Ks are a great way to propel you further into the world of race events.

  • Simple Prep – 5Ks aren't as challenging races to prepare for, unlike marathons, triathlons and other race types. With some running and basic exercise a few times a week, you'll be ready for your race in no time.
  • Change of Pace – While a healthy exercise option, running can get a tad repetitive at times. However, introducing race events like 5Ks into your routine can offer a change of pace you're looking for.
  • Charity Options – There are races available where all proceeds go towards a specific cause. Finding a race that supports your preferred charity is an excellent way to motivate yourself to run.
  • Easy to Find (Especially Virtually) – Being one of the more popular versions of race events, there are usually plenty of 5Ks available. However, if you want to make it easier to find a 5K or other races, give virtual runs a try.
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What's a Virtual Run?

Virtual runs (or virtual races) are the latest craze of the racing world. A virtual run offers convenience, flexibility and personability in a way that traditional race events cannot match. When signing up for a virtual run, you get to choose the time, place and people you run with. Looking for a quiet run through the park where you perfect your personal race time? You can do that! How about a run with friends where you get to show off your race swag and run for a cause? That's available to you, too! Virtual running makes it easier than ever before to compete with runners across the country, all while doing so comfortably and at your own pace.

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