Find a Half Marathon

Group of runners running a half marathon virtually

Quickly Find a Half Marathon Through Virtual Running

Are you looking to take your running to the next level? It might be time to consider a half marathon! Thirteen miles of racing can seem like a lot, but a half marathon is a manageable race to accomplish with the proper training and exercise. And if looking for a convenient way to find a half marathon and enjoy it to its fullest, give a virtual race through Virtual Run US a try.

Why Run a Half Marathon?

The self-satisfaction your receive after completing a half marathon is enough for many to keep running these races. However, if wondering what else you can get out of a half marathon, here are a few things you can look forward to:

  • Fun with Friends and Family – You don't have to run a half marathon alone, nor should you! You can share the experience with close friends and family, helping cheer each other towards the finish.
  • Friendly Competition – If you're more of the competitive type, a half marathon allows you to compete for the best time with hundreds of other runners. Train to be the best in your race!
  • Work Up to the Full Event – A half marathon is already an incredible feat for anyone to accomplish. Additionally, it's the best first step to completing a full marathon.
  • Run for a Cause – For every race event, there are about a dozen more for charity. Find the right race and directly support a cause you care about.
  • Get Race Swag – Remember your race fondly with the incredibly designed race medals and t-shirts you receive from the event.
A woman running a virtual half marathon at the end of the day

Why Make Your Race Virtual?

On top of running a half marathon, why not make it a virtual run? Virtual runs (or virtual races) are one of the latest ways to participate in a race without the craziness of a traditional race event. With a virtual race, you still get the same fun, exercise and race swag that you would typically receive. However, instead of running alongside hundreds of other racers on a set track, you can race by yourself or with friends anywhere and anytime you like. Virtual races are the ultimate in convenience!

Time to Get Started

Virtual Run US makes finding the right virtual races fast and easy. With dozens of races to choose from, each with unique themes, merchandise, great causes and more, you're sure to find the event that's right for you. To learn more about a virtual run, visit our website or email us today at