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Participate in Running Events from Anywhere

No matter the time of year, there’s always a strong desire for folks to get out of the house and “stretch their legs.” And for casual runners or athletes, this is especially true. However, what can be done in the off times when there’s a lack of running events happening? Thankfully, the answer is simple: try a virtual race! If looking for a race, you can participate anywhere and at any time, find the right event through Virtual Run US.

What to Love About Virtual Racing

If you already enjoy running 5Ks, fun runs, half marathons and other race events, you’re sure to find the same enjoyment in virtual running. And don’t worry; you won’t need an online connection to participate!

  • Plot Your Own Course
    • While race organizers will always plot out a decent racecourse, why should you be limited to a “specific track?” Virtual runs allow you to race anywhere you like! You can set course through your favorite park or a beautiful nature trail. Or, if you’re not big on running outside, you can choose to run your race on an indoor track or treadmill. The choice is yours!
  • Race with Your Favorite People
    • Sure, you can sign up with a group of friends for a traditional race event, but you must still contend with large crowds of strangers. If social distancing is a concern of yours, this can be not easy to do. Conversely, a virtual race allows you to race with only the people you choose. Or, if you’d rather, you can race by yourself. Ultimately, you have the option to race how you want.
  • The Best Parts of Traditional Racing
    • A virtual run aims to cut the least fun parts out of traditional race events and leave you with what makes racing the most fun and beneficial. For example, there’s no shortage of race swag to be had with a virtual race. And if competition is your thing, you can compete with thousands of racers across the country through Sportstats, our advanced time tracking program.
  • Find the Best Virtual Races
    • The beauty of virtual races is that there’s no shortage. Even amid winter, where traditional racing is either inside or non-existent, you can still find virtual running events to participate in. And through Virtual Run US, you can find the best race to fit your preferences. We offer all types of races, from triathlons to fun runs. Furthermore, there are plenty of races with incredible swag and worthy charitable causes to choose from. Why not see for yourself?
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