Running Races

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Keep Running Races Throughout the US with Virtual Run

Why should you have to move from location to location, continually tracking down the next race you and your friends want to participate in? Shouldn't there be an easier and more convenient way to enjoy running with a bit of competition? Thankfully, there is! You can keep running the races you love without having to travel to big events through virtual racing. Allow Virtual Run US to show you the incredible selection of virtual races coming up.

What's There to Love About Running Races?

It's easy and fun to run your local track or nature trail, but there's not the same sense of satisfaction as running during a race. Runners throughout the US and around the world have fallen in love with races for several reasons:

  • Connect with Like-Minded People
    • Races are not only about competition but connecting with people who enjoy running just as much as you. Entire communities, both in-person and online, are built around participation in races. From words of encouragement, race-prep tips, and support you can fall back on, you can meet some incredible people through the "racing scene."
  • Encourage Healthy Living
    • Races aren't "run and done" events. There's plenty of time to prepare for your race in the lead-up to the event. And much of that prep has to do with exercise, training and eating healthy. Overall, those who participate in races like 5Ks, triathlons or fun runs are more motivated when it comes to healthier living. Not to mention, racing itself is an incredible way to build strength and stamina, improving your body with each event.
  • For a Great Cause
    • Many races throughout the US are done as charity events or fundraisers to raise money for an important cause. By participating in races yourself, you are doing your part in raising money for something worthwhile. Running races aren't only good for your physical health but your mental wellbeing as well. Find a race event for a cause that means something to you and give it your all!
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How Virtual Running Fits In

You might understand why running races are great, but there are benefits to opting for virtual run events over traditional races. Firstly, much of the same health and mental benefits of standard races are the same for virtual races. However, there's more flexibility associated with virtual running. This means you can choose races for a particular cause, pick your race day, choose your running track, and more. Furthermore, there are always virtual races available in your area. There's no need to travel out of town to find the right race event. You and your friends can participate in a virtual race where and when you prefer.

Learn More

Virtual Run US hosts dozens of race events across the country, offering incredible race swag for participation and ways to compete and connect with other runners through SportStats (our race time tracking program). If you're interested in participating in a virtual run yourself, check out what's available on our website. And for more questions about our events, you can email us at