Socially Distant Races

A group of friends staying active in socially distant races in the US

Try Virtual Runs: Socially Distant Races

With folks across the country and around the world looking to stay more socially distant, public gatherings and social events have taken a big hit. And one event that's gone by the wayside for many is the races we used to participate in. From fun runs to triathlons, they have been few and far between. Thankfully, there's a solution for hosting race events! Socially distant races called virtual runs have become popular as of late. And when looking for a virtual run to participate in, runners count on Virtual Run US.

Why is Virtual Running Becoming So Popular?

As mentioned before, participating in a race while staying socially distant is a big draw for virtual running. However, that's not the only reason people are choosing virtual running over traditional race events.

  • On Your Time : When you sign up for a virtual race, there's a period you get to complete your run and record your race time. And as long as you stay within that range of a few weeks, you can choose to run whenever you prefer! Whether a late-night run or sometime in the early morning, do what works best for you.
  • Wherever You Like : There's no having to meet up at one location and run a set course when it comes to virtual races. If you want to do your run at a local part, that's completely acceptable! Or, if you'd rather finish your time at home on your treadmill, that's something a virtual run allows you to do.
  • Much of The Same : Even though virtual runs lack the crowd, they make up for it in what they keep the same as traditional racing. For example, you still receive incredibly creative race medals and t-shirts you can show off to your friends. And virtual runs can still be an event for your friends or family if you choose to participate together. Plus, the spirit of competition is alive and well, when you compete for the best times with racers across the country.
A woman staying away from other runners while participating in socially distant races in the US

Give Virtual Races a Try

If you're a runner who misses race events, socially distant races might be the solution for you! And with Virtual Run US, we can help find a race that works perfectly for you. Whether looking for a fun theme for a worthy cause to race for, Virtual Run US has dozens of types of races to choose from. 5Ks, triathlons, half marathons and more; you're sure to find a race that fits the level of effort you wish to put forth. And, with Sportstats, our race tracking program, we make competing with runners around the world more effortless than ever.

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