Virtual 5K

What's a Virtual 5K and How Can You Participate?

In today's age of technological advancements and near limitless information in the palms of our hands, there are more ways to do the things we love. For example, consider race events like 5Ks. What was once necessary for a race's organization can now be done with the click of a mouse. Your running and participation in a virtual 5K are incredibly real, but the race itself is all virtual. And not only is this more convenient for race organizers but the runners themselves! So, if looking for your next virtual race to participate in, allow Virtual Run US to lend a hand.

All You Need to Know

Whether for a virtual 5K or another specific race event, Virtual Run US can walk you through the process of signing up and participating. In no time, you'll be a virtual running pro!
  • Where to Start : The best place to start searching for a virtual run event is on our website! Virtual Run US helps host hundreds of different races throughout the year. You're sure to find the races that offer the most challenge, support a cause you care about or have the best race swag. And once you've settled on a virtual race, our website makes the sign-up process simple.
  • How to Prepare : Just like you would for any other traditional race, your training and preparation should all stay the same. And when you're ready to finally race, you can pick the time and place that works best for you. Virtual races offer flexibility not offered in traditional race events. Select a sunny day on your favorite running trail, and get your race started.
  • The Fun Don't Stop! : Virtual runs are all about racing the way you want. Want to run alongside some friends? Invite them to participate. Prefer to focus on getting your best time? Complete your race on your home treadmill. Not big on running? Go at your own pace. Something like a virtual fun run or virtual 5K can add some variety to an otherwise dull exercise routine.

A Virtual Racing Community

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of virtual run events is the communities that are built around them. Like-minded race enthusiasts and athletes can connect across the web, sharing their race times, running goals, training regiments and much more. And tracking each other's times has never been easier, with the implementation of Sportstats, the largest sports timing company in the world. With Sportstats software, you can easily track race times, build a custom runner profile, and interact with other runners worldwide.

Race to the Finish

Whether considering a virtual 5K or other virtual run events, you can count on Virtual Run US to find you the best races available. Learn more about our company or the events we help host by visiting our website or emailing us at