Virtual Race Medals

A couple training for a virtual race in the US

Earn Virtual Race Medals in Running Events Across the Country

Looking to earn fun swag and participate in race events in your area but have nowhere to go? Don't worry; there's a quick and easy solution! Instead of waiting for races to come to you, find a fun run, marathon, 5K and more wherever you're located with virtual running! You can enjoy the fun of a typical race event, earn t-shirts and virtual race medals, and run for a cause you believe in. And when looking for the best virtual races, see what Virtual Run US has to offer.

Keep the Excitement of Racing in Your Life

Whether you consider running a healthy hobby or a way of life, virtual runs ensure you stay engaged and active in the running community. Virtual races come with much of the same benefits as a traditional race event but with more flexibility and less physical interaction. And the best part is you can always find a race to participate in, no matter where you live or the time of year.

For the Health Inclined and Collectors at Heart

There are plenty of reasons why you might love racing: the exhilaration of beating your best time, the excitement of competition, or the fun of collecting new race swag. And you'll love virtual running for the same reasons you enjoy a traditional race event.
  • Stay Happy and Healthy : For years, we've known how running and exercise have a positive effect on both the mental and physical health of an individual. And by participating in virtual runs, you can put a new spin on your exercise routine. Or, you can use virtual racing as an incentive to push yourself towards a healthier lifestyle.
  • Friendly Competition or Fierce Rivals : Through our time tracking software, Sportstats, you can post your best race times online for all to see! Furthermore, you can build a racing profile and compare or compete for the best time with friends, family or strangers. However, one aspect for sure comes out of some friendly competition: you can find a community of like-minded individuals to inspire and support you.
  • A Collector's Delight : You talk with any race enthusiast, and they'll likely want to show off their collection of race medals. Race events design incredible shirts, medals and merchandise for you to collect and reminisce over. And for participation in virtual races, you can expect to receive virtual medals! Don't worry, though; you can still physically hold and collect these "virtual" race memories.
A group of virtual race medals for a virtual race event in the US

Find the Right Virtual Races

Getting involved with a virtual race has never been easier! Virtual Run US helps host and support hundreds of virtual run events all year long. Every race is unique, with fun and creative themes to get you excited to participate. Furthermore, our races are always for a cause. And with the incredible amount of virtual runs we have for you to choose from, you can find an event that fits your style.

Lace-Up Your Running Shoes

Whether you're a virtual race newbie or veteran, there's never been a better time to stay active and collect virtual medals! Find the best virtual races today through Virtual Run US's website. Or, if you have questions about our company or a specific race, email us at