Virtual Races

A young man enjoying virtual races in the US with his friends

A Different Way to Run: Try Virtual Races!

It's time to get up and get active! Race events are one of the most exciting and creative ways to make your average run a little more fun. But what if there are no half-marathons, 5Ks, triathlons or other events in your area? With virtual races, finding events in your area is never an issue! A virtual race (or virtual run) allows you to participate in racing anywhere and anytime. You choose where you run, when you run and who you run with. And with help selecting from one of the hundreds of virtual races happening throughout the country, look no further than Virtual Run US.

Why Are So Many Runners Going Virtual?

Virtual running is the latest athletic craze for casual runners and race enthusiasts alike, and it's no wonder! A virtual race offers some of the same fun and benefits of traditional racing and a few extra advantages.
  • Race with Who You Want : While there's no denying the fun of a traditional 5K or fun run, such events are relatively crowded with other participants. And running elbow to elbow with strangers isn't everyone's idea of "fun." Conversely, with virtual racing, you choose who you run with. Convince your friends or family to sign up with you and enjoy a day of exercise. Or, if you prefer, you can run solo to focus on perfecting your run time. The choice is yours!
  • Race Where You Want : Do you dread running up-hill in the one charity race your town puts on every year? You don't have to run there! Instead, with virtual racing, you can run wherever you want. If you have a quiet running trail through the park you love to frequent or want to work on getting your best time on your treadmill at home, go for it! The possibilities are endless when it comes to virtual races in the US.
  • Race When You Want : Nothing is worse than spending weeks ahead of a race for the day to finally come and be postponed due to bad weather. And sometimes, that means you no longer can participate, having put that specific day aside. However, with virtual racing, this isn't an issue. You can choose to race whenever works best for you within a timeframe of a few weeks. Now, you can choose a day with perfect running conditions!
A woman participating in virtual races in the US

The Best Race Set-Up

Virtual Run US makes signing up for virtual races quick and easy. Visit our website and go through our selection of race events available to runners across the country. You can select an event that supports a specific charity you like, caters towards the running goals you're trying to reach, or has the flashiest medals and race swag. After signing up, you are sent your medals and shirts and can now run at your earliest convenience. And when you've finished your race, record your best times through Sportstats, our race tracking software, to compete with friends, family and other runners.

Running with a Purpose

When you're ready to get involved with virtual races in the US, allow the team at Virtual Run US to start you on the right track. Learn more about our company or the race events we offer by visiting our website or emailing us today at