Virtual Run

A woman running outside, participating in a virtual run in the US

Try a Virtual Run: The Best Alternative to Traditional Races

Between the desire to make events more accessible and the need to host races while socially distanced, the "virtual run" has become an incredible alternative to traditional 5Ks or triathlons. Participating in a virtual race means you can run anywhere, anytime and at a pace most suited to yourself. And there's no shortage of virtual running events; allow Virtual Run US to show you what's available in your area!

What's Virtual Running All About?

A virtual run isn't so advanced that it requires special technology to participate. All you need is your phone, an internet connection and the desire to compete! Many like-minded athletes use virtual races as their chance to stay in shape, stay connected with other runners and contribute to a cause they care deeply for. A virtual run is as simple as signing up for an event, running on your time and submitting your results.

Reasons to Love Virtual Runs

While it's difficult to top the appeal of a traditional race, virtual running offers some unique advantages not available for the typical race event.
  • You're in Control : There are no strict time limits or location restrictions to consider for your virtual run. You have control over how to complete your race best. You can pick any time (within the event timeframe) and any location to get you your best possible time.
  • Weather Can't Stop Your Run : There's nothing more disappointing than a delayed or canceled race due to weather. However, with virtual races, you can run under the conditions of your choice. Wait for the perfect day to complete your race and submit your results to Virtual Run US to see how you stack up against other competitors.
  • Your Best Times : Virtual Run US allows you to select the types of races best suited to you. Furthermore, with total control over the when, the where and race conditions, you can shoot for the best times of your running career. Lace-up your running shoes, put on your favorite music and compete with your best run times against a group of like-minded athletes.
A hand changing letter blocks from runner to winner, with medals from a virtual run in the background

Get Help from Some of the Best

Virtual Run US is a unique website dedicated to finding runners the best race events available. We understand how crucial a virtual run is to those who value local race events but cannot participate. Our team sets you up with race packages that can offer you a challenge, speak to your preference of theme, or allow you to stay active. And through Sportstats, our time tracking program, we can help you build your racing profile for you and others to view online. If interested in a virtual run but unsure where to begin, see the available Virtual Run US events today. Furthermore, if you have questions about upcoming race events or would like to learn more about virtual running, email us at