Virtual Run Event

A large number of medals for participants of a virtual run event in the US

Start Training for Your Next Virtual Run Event

Even while the world stays socially distant, we want ways we can stay healthy, active and connected. And with a virtual run event, you can check off all three boxes! Virtual runs are excellent alternatives to traditional races and offer some incredible benefits over their "in-person" counterparts. So, to get on track to running in your own virtual race, let Virtual Run US show you some of the best races available.

Why Do a Virtual Run?

There's plenty to love about participating in a virtual run event. From staying in shape to the race swag you receive, many of the traditional race benefits are the same for a virtual one. However, with virtual races, you get more freedom and control. You can run your race how you want, where you want and in a timeframe that works best for you.

How to Find the Right Race

Another advantage virtual runs possess is their wide availability to many people from anywhere in the world. But such choices can make finding the right race package complicated! Here are a few ways to help you find the virtual run that's most suited to your preferences.
  • What Kind of Race Will You Run? : If you're more into running, a 4K might be your best option for a race. Or, if you prefer a bit more of a challenge, a triathlon can put your athleticism to the test with running, biking and swimming! And with virtual races, you aren't limited to participating in only what's local. Find a race format you can get the most enjoyment out of.
  • What Theme Do You Prefer? : For every race, there's a new or creative theme attached to it. From your favorite sci-fi franchise to an "under the sea" fun run, you can run a race with a theme that excites you. Not to mention, all the incredible swag you get for your race will all be designed around the race's theme. Get a few friends to participate in the race with you and make a day of running in your themed race gear!
  • What Cause Do You Want to Support? : Also associated with most races are a cause or benefit that proceeds go towards. And while local races might get a tad stale, continually supporting the same causes year in and out, virtual runs are the opposite. You name a charity, and you're bound to find a virtual race that supports it. Virtual Run US helps you find a race with a cause you genuinely care about.
A female runner on a private running trail participating in a virtual run event in the US

Join the Trend!

In times where meeting face-to-face has become more challenging, virtual race events have struck a balance between returning to normalcy and introducing a new normal. And with help from Virtual Run US, we hope to get every athlete, casual runner or race fan in on this latest trend. We make finding virtual races easy, getting new swag exciting, and competing with others a fun challenge. Also, through Sportstats, our race time tracking software, we can help you build your "race profile" and show off your best times for friends, family and other competitors. When you're ready to jump into racing again, find the right virtual run event for you and your friends through Virtual Run US. Visit our website today to see what races are available. And for questions regarding virtual races and how they work, contact us today via emailing