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Join the Trend: Start Virtual Running in the US

Lace up your race shoes and put on your most comfortable clothes; it's time to start running! Across the US, thousands of runners are partaking in race events on their own terms. No longer are you restricted by location or weather conditions; with virtual running in the US, you can participate in the best races without the hassle or stress of a typical race event. And when searching for virtual races you'll love, allow Virtual Run US to help!

What is Virtual Running?

No, virtual running isn't some new type of "video game." A virtual run can be as physically intensive as you like, with all the perks of a traditional race but minimal interaction with others. Either alone, with family or with a close group of friends, you can participate in a virtual race, recording your best times, showing off race swag and pushing yourself to a healthier lifestyle. And now, more than ever, casual runners and serious racers are taking advantage of what virtual runs have to offer.

What's the Same or Different About Virtual Races?

Much of what you get to do for a traditional race you can also do in a virtual run, but with a few notable differences.
  • Similar
    • The Spirit of Competition – You still race with hundreds of runners across the country, all competing for the best possible times.
    • Incredible Race Swag – With virtual races, you receive beautifully designed race medals, t-shirts, and other themed gear.
    • Fun and Healthy – You prepare for a virtual race the same way you prepare for a traditional race event. Be sure to get plenty of exercise before the big day!
  • Different
    • Socially Distant – There's no lining up next to hundreds of other sweaty racers. With virtual running, it's only yourself and the racers you choose to participate with.
    • Wherever – You choose the location of where you'd like your race to be. Prefer to run on a treadmill? Go for it! Have a favorite running trail in mind? Run where you feel most comfortable!
    • Whenever – As long as you finish your virtual run within the span of a race event (usually over a few weeks), you can choose the day and time that suits you best.
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Give a Virtual Run a Try

With as easy as it can be to participate in virtual running, why not give it a try? Virtual Run US makes signing up for virtual races a straightforward process. We help you find a race that most appeals to you. And, for those looking to run for a cause, there are plenty of virtual races for charity available. So, visit the Virtual Run US website today and find the virtual race you've been looking for. And for questions about any race event, email us today at