Virtual Runs

An elderly woman running outside who is participating in virtual runs in the US

Don't Miss Out on Racing: See What Virtual Runs are All About

The overwhelming relief and accomplishment you experience after completing a 5K or triathlon is an incredible feeling to chase. However, such a feeling can be challenging to achieve with a lack of public race events. For this reason, virtual runs are becoming the norm for athletes throughout North America. And with a little help from Virtual Run US, we can help you find and participate in your ideal virtual race.

What Do We Mean by Virtual?

When we say virtual run or virtual race, we aren't talking about virtual reality or a video game. A virtual run consists of "good ol' fashioned" running, with some of the same perks as a traditional race. However, virtual races mean less physical interaction but more time to prepare and perfect your run times.

The Major Differences Between Virtual and Traditional

  • Who You Race – Traditional races typically have you rubbing elbows with dozens, if not hundreds, of other runners. And if you're trying to stay healthy and socially distant, this might not be the best thing for you. Instead, a virtual run event allows you to run by yourself or with a few of your friends while still competing against hundreds of runners at different locations.
  • Where You Race – Races have set paths, you are expected to follow. Conversely, you set your own path with a virtual run. If you have a favorite running route, track or treadmill you'd prefer to race on, you are free to do so!
  • When You Race – While a traditional race all takes place in one day, a virtual race can take place over a few weeks. This allows you plenty of time to prepare and plan for your run so that you can achieve your best possible times. Also, picking your own race time helps you avoid bad weather conditions that can sometimes postpone or cancel traditional races.
  • More Choice – Your participation in races can sometimes be limited due to where a race takes place. However, because virtual races can occur anywhere you like, you can choose any race that best aligns with your interests. If you have a particular theme or specific cause in mind that you'd prefer to run for, Virtual Run US can happily oblige with an expansive selection of races all around the country.
The running shoes of a racer after virtual runs in the US

Where Virtual Run US Comes In

Participating in virtual runs is a simple process, and a process Virtual Run US looks to streamline even more! We help you find a virtual run most suited to your preferences through our website and show you race packages you can select. Through our virtual race services, we process your registration and send you shirts, medals and other swag you can run with and keep for yourself. And after you've completed your race, you can track your time (and other race times) via our race time tracking program, Sportstats. Our software allows you to build a racer profile for yourself, easily share your times online, and compare your best times with friends, family and rivals. If you find yourself missing the fun and excitement of traditional races in your area, you can stay active and connected with other runners through virtual runs. And when searching for the best virtual races, look no further than Virtual Run US. Check out our website today to see what races are available! And for questions regarding virtual runs, racing packages and more, email us at