Virtual Runs with Medals

An athlete showing off her swag from virtual runs with medals in the US

Stay Healthy and Get Race Swag Through Virtual Runs with Medals

Over the last year, the way individuals can gather has drastically changed. And while we hope for a resolution that will bring races and charity runs back to our hometowns, there are other options. For example, virtual runs with medals are the best way to stay active and connected with your fellow runners. And if looking to participate in an upcoming virtual race, see what's available in your area with Virtual Run US.

What Are Virtual Runs or Races?

While the world tries to avoid meeting big groups in person, a virtual race allows runners to continue doing what they love the most: running! Like a traditional race, you get to compete against hundreds of other runners for the best time, contribute towards a meaningful cause, and get all the great swag included in a race event. The main difference: you get to run the race where you're most comfortable and on your own time.

Why Participate in Virtual Runs?

Virtual runs with medals are an incredible alternative to races when people aren't easily able to gather. A virtual race allows you to participate with a group without meeting face to face. Furthermore, the benefits of staying active alone should be enough to convince anyone to run virtually.
  • Connect with Others : Virtual runs offer a unique way to participate in a race event with others while never meeting in person. In the lead-up to an event, there are plenty of people and communities you can interact with. And from race tips to competing for the best time, you still get some of the same excitement you would in a traditional race.
  • Any Race for Any Cause : Just because you're running by yourself doesn't mean you can't do something meaningful! By participating in a virtual run, you're contributing towards a cause (picked by a race's sponsors). And one of the best parts about virtual races is you can choose just about any cause or race theme you like! Looking for a ninja-themed race promoting breast cancer awareness? You're sure to find your event or something similar.
  • Stay Active and Healthy : If there's one thing we're all trying to avoid, it's accidentally becoming unmotivated. Without connecting with others and staying active, it's easy to fall into a rut. Conversely, virtual runs with medals allow you to do something different. Running, exercise and competition not only keep your body healthy but contribute to your mental health.
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What We're About

Virtual Run US is a premier virtual athletic world where runners, bikers, and walkers can compete and participate in virtual races. We help connect athletes with the races they'd most like to run and the event swag they love to collect. Furthermore, all events and run times can be tracked online through our state-of-the-art stats tracking program, Sportstats. If you'd like to learn more about Virtual Run US or see what some of the virtual runs with medals are in your area, see our website. And for questions or concerns, contact us today at